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MSM Higher Ed prepares students from all countries for a smooth transition to their study abroad experience through its Higher Ed Prep course Global Awareness and Study Skills (GASS).

All Set Before Take-Off

The world can be a big and unpredictable place, especially for a student flying solo to a foreign country to study. Studying abroad may have its perks: like bigger opportunities and a chance to be exposed to different cultures, but it can also be quite daunting.
Many things can make or break a student’s experience abroad; from poor foresight and preparation to the general anxiety of being alone and far from home for the first time. GASS makes sure that students are ready to embark on this journey by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary for a smoother transition to their study destinations.

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Our Pre-Departure Course

Building confidence and awareness

Global Awareness and Study Skills

GASS offers an applied study plan that prepares students with social and cultural adaptation, study and academic integrity awareness, pre-departure and arrival skills necessary for a soft landing in a new country. Students will become familiar with an online learning management platform and use their research, writing, citing and be able to present their study-abroad portfolio.

Students Will Know Their School

Students become familiar with their institution, the program they will study and the students services available to them.

Arrival and Accommodation Options

We walk students through the essentials to prepare them for independence; from travel planning, medical insurance and money matters.

Study Skills & Academic Integrity

With GASS, students are made aware of the study skills, their accountability, and the expectations necessary to be successful international students.

Course Modules

A 45-Hour instructional course covering general preparation topics, as well as academic content with necessary aptitudes such as research, critical thinking, writing and presentation skills to better prepare learners as incoming students at their chosen institutions.

Introduction and Portfolio outcome

Pre-Departure Planning

Arrival Planning

Social and Cultural Awareness

Part-time Employment Preparation

Effective Study Skills and Academic Integrity

Institution and country-specific Information

The Best Study-Abroad Experience 

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